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Celebrate the achievement of women at work, elevate the visibility of women as leaders and empower women to meet life goals and so much more!

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General Merchandise Manager - Cleo

In my career, I have equally created and been allowed opportunities to challenge, grow and stretch my skills. I have also had some amazing mentors that took the time to invest in me. My goal is always to “pay this forward”.

My leadership approach is to “clear the obstacles” for my team to facilitate the opportunity for them to grow and excel. Everyone on my team has a voice with insight and ideas that are beneficial to drive the business forward.

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Chair of the Board - Breast Cancer Canada

I have been Chair of the Breast Cancer Canada Board of Directors since 2022, after first joining the board in 2018. My tenure marks a crucial era for the organization showcasing my leadership acumen through stakeholder collaboration and strides in scientific advancement across the country and beyond.


As board chair, I play a crucial role in steering the organization with strategic vision and leadership. I volunteer my time and expertise to ensure effective governance and oversight of research and initiatives aimed at ending breast cancer. My role involves decision-making, maintaining transparency, and upholding the organization's mission. My dedication is instrumental in elevating Breast Cancer Canada towards future objectives and navigating the intricate landscape of healthcare advocacy and progress through national breast cancer research.

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Manager, Corporate Partnerships – Canadian Women’s Foundation

My name is Bidor, and I'm proud to serve as the Manager of Corporate Partnerships at the Canadian Women's Foundation.

As a Canadian-born woman with Sudanese heritage, I am dedicated to fostering inclusion by embracing and promoting diversity in all aspects of my life. Through sharing my personal journey and celebrating my cultural background, I aim to inspire and uplift women from diverse backgrounds, showcasing the strength and resilience that unites us.

Each day, my passion to empower women and drive positive change fuels my work. I am committed to ensuring that women's voices are not only heard but also celebrated for their invaluable contributions.

In my role, I strive to blend strategic vision with genuine empathy, creating meaningful impact and fostering a culture of empowerment for all women.

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District Manager - Cleo

I get asked a lot why I love my job so much and my answer is always simple. I have the privilege to come to work every day to inspire, motivate and empower my teams. I get to help our amazing customers and team members feel confident inside and out.

I truly lead my teams by encouraging them to just have fun and to believe in themselves. You can accomplish anything if you just believe in yourself.  

As women, it's hard to love ourselves when we look in the mirror. If I can make a difference in someone's confidence every single day then I've done my job.

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Cleo is dedicated to Canadian women and the causes that matter to us and believe together we can make a difference.

We’re proud to support women and what’s important to them.

Giving back to our charitable partners is an integral part of who we are. Together, we are impacting change.

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